Bizarre optical illusion: Identical street images go viral

(Credit: Imgur)

The phenomena that caused people in 2015 to debate whether a dress was gold and white or black and blue has cropped up again, this time with pictures of a road that looks like it’s going in different directions but is really the same.

The photos have been shared on Imgur and Reddit and plenty of people are saying the pictures look different or that they have been taken from different angles or heights.

Due to the debate about whether they are indeed the same picture or different, the images have gone viral, with hundreds of commenters posting what they see.

But the optical illusion occurs because the roads appear to converge at the bottom of the photos. However, this is not accurate and one Reddit user, Shroffinator, provided proof that the images are in fact the same.

When the image labeled “A” is overlapped on top of image “B,” the pictures indeed show they are one in the same.

And in case you’re wondering: the dress ultimately turned out to be black and blue.


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